Commercial Pool Lighting by Hayward

  • Brightest 100W spa, 300W and 500W equivalent pool LED lights
  • Uses up to 84% less energy than incandescent lights and lasts up to 10 times longer
  • UL listed to retrofit into most manufacturers' installed inches makes CrystaLogic truly universal
  • 12V, 2-wire, all-plastic construction with an unbreakable lens make these lights intrinsically safe and easy to install
  • Can be installed in as little as 4" from the waterline and upward facing without a rock guard
  • Suitable for pool/spa illumination, beach entries, steps, shelves, features, etc
  • Energy and maintenance savings can deliver a payback in less than two years
  • Color Trim Rings for pool and spa lights include smooth white and silver luster starburst, both ship with product
  • Additional Trim Ring options include white starburst, black, blue, beige and gray

  • In-ground commercial pools and spas
  • High-end residential pools
  • Universal for almost all manufacturer's niche
commercial LED swimming pool lighting

Universal CrystaLogic white LED lighting presents a compelling opportunity for any owner/operator to drastically cut operational cost while delivering game-changing performance.

CrystaLogic is available to virtually anyone; its all plastic construction is truly universal. It's UL listed to retrofit virtually any niche, allowing most lights to be upgraded. These 12V, 2-wire lights can be installed within 4" of waterline and upward facing without a rock guard, opening a wide range of new applications.

Optimized LED and optic design deliver extraordinary lumen-per-watt energy efficiency and long life. Our 100W spa, 300W and 500W equivalent pool lights are the industry's brightest based on each power rating*. You'll get dramatic energy savings of 84% over incandescent.

*Based on measured test data at the time of print

Industry's brightest 100W spa, 300W, 500W equivalent pool white LED lights

CrystaLogic LED Pool Lighting Accessories

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