Hayward CAT Controllers

Hayward CAT Controllers and Automated Water Chemistry

Hayward CAT Controllers at DP Swimming Pool
  • Simple installation, set up and operation
  • Factory assembled system includes:
    • Controller
    • Sensors
    • Machined acrylic flow cell
    • Rotary flow sensor
    • PVC backboard
  • Compatible with all types of chemical feed equipment
  • Long-life, low-maintenance 2-year warranty equipment

CAT 2000 chemical controller

Affordable and Reliable Chemical Automation

The CAT 2000 Professional Package is designed to save you time and effort. Chemical Automation is recognized by health officials and industry leaders as the safest, most effective method of maintaining precise, healthy water balance. The CAT 2000 automated controller is the water quality solution for pools, spas, waterparks and a multitude of other water treatment applications world-wide that demand perfect water quality. The CAT 2000 constantly monitors pH and sanitizer activity (chlorine, bromine, even salt systems) and automatically implements chemical feeding in proportion to demand for picture-perfect water quality at all times.

*Now Available: The CAT 2000 Pro-Pack is a complete, factory-assembled automation system which includes a CAT 2000 controller, Professional series sensors, machined acrylic flow cell, rotary flow sensor, pre-drilled PVC backboard, 30ft of 3/8" flex tubing, and 2 1/4" NPT speed fit connections.

Hayward CAT2000 buying information
Hayward CAT2000 buying information

Save Time, Energy, and Money with Hayward CAT Controllers
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  • Wireless link to the PoolComm site with extensive North American coverage and 24/7 monitoring
  • Incredibly simple to install and operate via simple menus and a bright alphanumeric display
  • Compatible with existing chemical feed equipment, so initial investment is minimized
  • Comes complete with CAT Professional Series pH and ORP sensors for unsurpassed performance
  • Optional Wi-Fi® communications protocol provides users free PoolComm access
  • NSF/ANSI Stander 50 listed

Hayward CAT 4000 chemical controller

Affordable and Reliable Chemical Automation

The CAT 4000® is a wireless commercial remote water quality controller. The CAT 4000 provides picture-perfect water quality on-site and remote monitoring via any Internet PC or web-enabled phone in the world. No more phone lines or modems. Simply log onto www.poolcomm.com and begin monitoring. You can view water quality data, print charts and graphs, customize your settings, and receive alarm notifications via email, text message or cell phone. The CAT 4000 is your complete solution for water quality management and monitoring.

Hayward CAT2000 buying information
Hayward CAT2000 buying information

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